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Precancels of Great Britain

This part of the web site is to consolidate information on GB precancels.

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Henry S. King & Co Precancel
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If you have any examples that may be relevant and are prepared to supply scans, then please:
  1. Scan at 300 or 600 dots per inch to be compatible with the other scans.
  2. Non-lossy formats are preferred such as bmp or png. If supplying jpg format, then please compress at 10% or less.
  3. Please indicate your willingness for me to use the information and/or scans on this website.
  4. Confidentiality will be maintained if you wish, or I can give you credit on this website, just indicate your name and/or company and/or website.
  5. Contact information is given below.



If you would like to send a message or picture, but
don't have a scanner and/or
you don't have email,
you can still contact me or use webcam on my
Comms. page.




Tim Burgess,
for inspiring the creation of this website and providing much needed feedback and advice.
Also for allowing me to use numerous of his images throughout this website.

Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS) for permission to reproduce information from an article written by J.H.Chandler in GB Journal Volume 17, pp29-32 (1979)

Ray_Cobley who has kindly given his permission to reproduce the top image of the scarce Type-I   W.H.Smith & Son Precancel.

Arthur-Ryan-GB-Stamps for permission to reproduce the image of the 1906 Registered Cover with W.H.Smith & Son embossed cut-out.

Jan Kosniowski for the images of Type-V  W.H.Smith & Son Precancel wrappers.

Robert Danzig for images on the W.H.Smith & Son Page.

Roger De Lacy-Spencer for the red Metropolitan Railway precancel image.

Julian Stray for valuable contributions on the T.O. series.



Comments, criticisms, information or suggestions are always welcome.

Contact:     Emale

Please include the word 'Precancels' in the subject.


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