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Telegraph stamps of the World

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  I have re-numbered these in the light of new information, though leaving references to the original designations.  
I have now brought the prices up to date and added currency selection.
The new designations have 'RH' numbers (Revised Hiscocks) to avoid confusion.


For information on the early Telegraphs in Iran, see IranicaOnline.org
See also iranphilately.org for the Iran Philatelic Study Circle (IPSC, in English).




In case your arabic is a little rusty, here are the numbers 0 to 9
100 Dinar = 1 Rial.


This one has cropped up. 'TELEGRAPH' diagonal on the 1k value of 1894 (Scott 96).
It has been suggested that this is part of a security overprint of the Indo-European Telegraph Company,
owned and operated by the Siemens Company
that had a concession from 1868 to 1925 to build and operate a line from Tehran to the Russian frontier,
from where it continued on to Odessa, Warsaw, Berlin and London. These are mentioned by Steve Hiscocks,
who also mentions that Walter Morley included these in his 1900 catalogue.
It is generally agreed that this is a cancel used on postage stamps paying for Telegraph Services.
However, it has to be asked, if these were cancels, why do so many stamps need an additional cancel ?
It is possible that these were more like the rollere overprint first used on Costa Rican stamps.

Iran - 1894 - 1k


This 1891 1 Chahis black (Scott 81) appears to have a cancel in black and "TELEGRAPH SERVICE"
in dark violet. This would seem to be a very low denomination for telegraphs,
but may have been for a receipt.

Iran - 1891 - 1ch

These extra images are all

Courtesy of Paul & Les Bottomley.



Iran issued charity stamps from 1950 to 1976, and Since their use with telegrams was obligatory, Hiscocks included them.

The 2.25r (until 1962) and 2.5r (after) were used in sending telegrams. Steve Hiscocks also listed the 2r value,
but I understand from Werner Lade that the 2r was normally used for parcels, with the 0.5 r being used for registered letters.
However, since the correct stamps were not always available, mixed frankings using the 2r and 0.5r values were sometimes needed.
They were usually affixed to the backs of carbon-copies of the telegraph receipt books kept in the telegraph offices.


Red Lion and Sun stamps.

From March 1950 (Persian year 1329) a tax was levied on registered letters(50 Dinar, or ½ Rial), parcels(2 Rials) and telegrams(2.25 Rials, rising to 2.50 Rials in 1962).
The design portrays the "Red Lion and Sun", Iran’s Red Cross organisation at the time.
This organisation and Tuberculosis Aid were beneficiaries of the Tax.

These stamps were in use until June 1980, when the "Red Lion and Sun" became the “Red Crescent Iran”.
Since the 2.5R stamp was not always available, a 2R + 50d or five 50d stamps were sometimes used instead.
In principle therefore, all values were sometimes used for telegraphs, I will list them all.
As always, it is for the individual to decide what to collect.
Listed by Scott as RA1-RA11.

The early issues have 7 or 8 lines to each 'sunray' in the design. From 1976 there were only 5:
Early            1976
A comparison of the top-left corners. Note that the new design is a bit larger.


1st issue - 1950 (26 March) Offset Litho. White wove unwatermarked paper. Perf. 11. Sheets of 100.

Iran - H1 Iran - H2 Iran - H3
Type 1  -  RH1   50d   /۵٠ Type 1  -  RH2   2r   ٢/ Type 1  -  RH3   2r.25   ٢/٢۵


New # Type was Description Mint Used
RH1 1 - 50d green and carmine 7.30 0.40
RH1a 1 - imperf. 130.00 -
RH2 1 H1 2r violet and lilac-red 2.50 0.55
RH2a 1 - imperf. 130.00 -
*RH3 1 H2 2r 25 brown and carmine 4.40 0.20

* I have corrected the colour, it was previously listed as the colour of the 50d postage type.


Iran - Watermark W1 Iran - Watermark W2
Hiscocks Type W1 Watermark (Iranian watermark WM2) Watermark Type W2   دولت شاھنشاھى ايران (The Imperial Iranian Government)

Watermark images adapted from the catalogue of Werner Lade.
Now shown as viewed from the front.
The watermarks on all these stamps are quite large, only a portion can be seen on each stamp.


2nd issue - 1955 (August) As above but watermarked type W1. Perf. 11.

Iran - H4 Iran - H5
RH4   -   50d   /۵٠ RH5   -   2r.25   ٢/٢۵


New # Type was Description Mint Used
RH4 1 - 50d emerald and carmine 90.00 1.65
RH5 1 H3 2r 25 brown and carmine 4.80 0.10
RH5a   H3a         imperf. (and displaced centre) - -
RH5b   H3b         displaced centre - -


3rd issue - 1957 As above but watermarked type W2. Perf. 11.

Iran - H6 Iran - H7 Iran - H8
RH6   -   50d   /۵٠ RH7   -   2r   ٢/ RH8   -   2r.25   ٢/٢۵


New # Type was Description Mint Used
RH6 1 - 50d green and carmine 2.50 0.50
RH6a 1 - centre inverted 310.00 -
RH6b 1 - imperf. between vertical pair 85.00 -
RH7 1 - 2r violet and carmine 1.55 0.50
RH8 1 H4 2r 25 brown and red 0.35 0.10



1962 Provisional. RH8 surcharged   ريال ٢/۵٠ (2.5 Real).   Perf. 11.

Surcharge - H9
RH9   -   2r 50 on 2r 25   ٢/۵٠


New # Type was Description Mint Used
RH9 (1) H6 2r 50 on 2r 25 brown and red (surcharge in dark blue) 0.65 0.10
RH9a (1) - overprint dispaced horizontally (perf through value) 7.75 -




Iran - Watermark W3 Iran - Watermark W4
Watermark Type W3 Watermark Type W4
  دولت شاھنشاھى ايران (The Imperial Iranian Government)

Watermark images adapted from the catalogue of Werner Lade.
Now shown as viewed from the front. These two watermarks are quite similar except the center.
It is possible to get stamps without a portion of the center. W4 seems more common than W3.


4th issue - 1963 (October) As above but watermarked type W3. Perf. 10½.

Iran - H10 Iran - H11 Iran - H12
RH10   -   50d   /۵٠ RH11   -   2r   ٢/ RH12   -   2r.25   ٢/٢۵


New # Type was Description Mint Used
RH10 1 - 50d green and carmine 1.40 0.32
RH11 1 H8 2r violet and carmine 1.80 0.35
RH12 1 H7 2r 50 brown and red. 0.65 0.10




5th issue - 1965-7 As above but watermarked type W4. Perf. 10½.

Iran - H0 Iran - 14
Type 1 -   50d   /۵٠   RH13 Type 1b -   50d   ۵٠ instead of   /۵٠   RH14


Iran - H15 Iran - H16
RH15   -   2r   ٢/ RH16   -   2r.25   ٢/٢۵


New # Type was Description Mint Used
RH13 1 - 50d green and carmine (/۵٠) 1.25 0.60
*RH13a 1 - inverted watermark - -
RH14 1b - 50d green and carmine (۵٠) 0.32 0.10
RH14a 1b - imperforate bottom edge 32.00 -
RH14b 1b - imperforate top edge 42.00 -
RH15 1 H9 2r grey-violet and carmine 1.65 0.30
RH16 1 H10 2r 50 brown and red 0.32 0.30
*RH16a 1 - inverted watermark - -
RH16b 1 - horizontally imperforate 125.00 -

*I have 2 examples of RH13, one of which has an inverted watermark.
I have 2 examples of RH16, both of which have inverted watermarks.


6th issue - 1976 As above. watermarked type W4 sideways, Perf. 13 x 13½. Sheets of 50.
John Barefoot points out that this is a re-drawn design with only 5 lines to each sunray.
These stamps are also noticeably larger than the earlier ones. They were used until June 1980.

Iran - H17 Iran - H18
RH17   -   50d   /۵٠ RH18   -   2r   ٢/


New # Type was Description Mint Used
RH17 (1) - 50d olive-green and carmine 1.50 0.25
RH17a   - with revolutionary overprint (see below) - -
RH18 (1) H11 2r grey-violet and carmine 1.50 -

Hiscocks added the following 3 notes:

Note 1. The date of No. 9 is uncertain.
Note 2. The use of these stamps was apparently discontinued in 1976.
Note 3. The above prices are much higher than those asked in Iran.
                The stamps are, however, relatively scarce outside Iran.

My note: My updated prices are generally lower than those quoted by Hiscocks.
They reflect prices in a catalogue that I can and have bought of via a supplier with access to Iran.
They thus reflect relative scarcity. Without such access, prices 5 to 10 times these may be asked.


Last printing in 1978.


This is known with a 1979 revolutionary overprint.
The writing is "جمهورى اسلامى ايران" which is Farsi for "Islamic Republic of Iran".

revolutionary overprint
RH17a - The status is unknown.


If anyone can provide scans to help with this, I am happy to give appropriate credit.



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