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Telegraph stamps of the World

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Matabeleland Lagos G.E.A.


Rhodesia (Matabeleland).

28 March to June 1894

These were prepared for the purposes of providing accountancy for the Reuters Agent in Matabeleland.

Matabeleland strip-1 Matabeleland strip-1 Each sheet contained 6 of each of the 3 values,
making 18 stamps in all.

They were prepared by Capt. C. L. Norris-Newman,
the agent for Reuters in
Matabeleland to enable accounting for telegraphs.

The original stencil was copied in black by Cyclostyle onto white wove
unwatermarked paper. Gumming was with a natural Mimoza gum.

Hisc. Desc. Mint Used
H1 2/6d black (300) — Bulawayo to Fig Tree (29 miles). 350.00 350.00
H2 5/- black (300) — Bulawayo to Mangove (60 miles). 350.00 350.00
H3 10/- black (300) — Bulawayo to Ramaquabane River (96 miles).   280.00 550.00
- Strip of three values 1400.00 -
- Sheet of eighteen stamps 12000.00 -

Hiscocks added the following 2 notes:

Note 1. I am not aware of any forgeries but copies should be examined with the greatest care
                and, if possible, compared with copies known to be genuine.
Note 2. The original stencil from which these stamps were printed was produced by hand and
                no two stamps in the sheet are therefore quite the same.
                A very small number of complete sheets still exist.
Images courtesy of Grosvenor Auctions.




Lagos (now a state in Nigeria).


Lagos formally became a protectorate of Britain in 1861, largely prompted by threats fom the French.
Britain had provided military protection to Lagos since 1852.
For later stamps of Nigeria or Southern Nigeria, see the Army-2 page.

These are all on Crown CA watermarked paper.

Lagos Halfpenny Lagos 3 Pence Lagos 6 Pence Lagos 1 Shilling Lagos 1 Shilling
½d green   from 1882
courtesy of Paul & Les Bottomley
3d lilac and red-brown   from 1891
courtesy of ibredguy.co.uk
6d lilac and red-violet   from 1887 1s green   from 1887
courtesy of Paul & Les Bottomley
1s green   from 1887
courtesy of ibredguy.co.uk



German East Africa (G. E. A.).

The Government Telegraph usage can generally be only identified by punch holes.
Subsequent to the First World War though, the British Army used these stamps for telegraphy.
They are listed on the Army-2 page.

a range of values

1c   25c



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