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Telegraph stamps of the World

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"It was announced in late 1932 that the use of telegraph stamps would be required from 1 January 1933 and that suitably overprinted revenue stamps would be provided. These were later said to have been withdrawn on 1 January 1934 and the remainders officially burnt. Most known copies of this issue however seem to have been used in Trusan in October or November 1934. Three copies of a single value of a similar issue overprinted 'TELEGRAPH', rather than the 'TELEGRAPHS' of what is assumed to be the 1933 issue, are known used, again in Trusan, in April 1935." .... Steve Hiscocks.



1933 (1st. January)

Sarawak H5
H5   courtesy of Grosvenor Auctions.


Overprinted 'TELEGRAPHS' in black on 1918 series.

Hisc. Desc. Mint Used
H1 1c lilac and ? - -
H2 3c lilac and carmine. - -
H3 5c lilac and green. - 250.00
H4 10c lilac and violet. - 250.00
H5 25c lilac and blue. - 250.00
H6 50c lilac and black. - -
H7 $1 green and dark green.   - -
H8 $2 green and blue. - -
H9 $3 green and carmine. - -
H10 $4 green and black. - -
H11 $5green and violet. - -
H12 $10 green and carmine.   - -


Hiscocks added the following 2 notes:

Note 1. The first colour is that of the basic stamp and the second that of the value tablet.
Note 2. While all those said to have been printed are listed, only those of which copies are known are priced.  
                Although the mode of use suggests that they were available to the public no mint copies are known.  


1933 or 1935 ?

As above but overprinted 'TELEGRAPH' in black.

Sarawak H13

H13 courtesy of Stanley Gibbons (click image for listing)

Hisc. Desc. Mint Used
H13 5c liliac and green.   - 300.00

Another example is shown on  HAVING THE REVENUE ON A LINE.


Hiscocks added the following note:

Note. Other values could, of course, have been overprinted similarly, but none is known at present.  


1935 ?

Black overprints and surcharges on the postage stamps of 1932.
Printed by Waterlow & Sons on white wove paper with Crown watermark and Perf. 12½
Sarawak 1935 set Sarawak 1935 setSarawak H19a Sarawak 1935 set
Here is a set of mine with an image of H19a also shown - courtesy of Spink and Son.


Hisc. Desc. Mint Used
H14 1c indigo 6.00 -
H15 3c violet 6.00 -
H16 5c crimson 6.00 -
H17 10c black. 6.00 -
H18 25c yellow-orange and maroon 8.00 -
H19 50c on 4c orange 10.00 -
H19a         '5' with straight top and 'Cts' sans-serif.   50.00 -
H20 $1 dark green and carmine 10.00 -
H21 $2 on 6c scarlet 15.00 -
H22 $3 on 12c deep ultramarine 20.00 -
H23 $4 on 15c chestnut 22.00 -
H24 $5 on 8c yellow-orange 25.00 -


Hiscocks added the following note:

Note. There are many minor varieties in these overprints, both constant and inconstant, but only 19(a) seems  
                to be a major variety in that a different font was used on 4 stamps in each sheet of 100.


My note: The set that I have, came with a typed note written by K.Bileski with the following:
"In 1946 (after the issuing of the Centenary set) Sir Charles Vyner Brooke retired and signed over
Sarawak to the British Crown. As a parting gift his personal secretary received a set of sheets
of hitherto unknown, on the market, Telegraph stamps as over printed on the 1931 values."
Many of these were apparently sold at the 1960 London Exhibition.


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