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Only the two rather nicely designed seals shown below have so far come to light.

Updates. The above was written by Steve Hiscocks.
I have added another. No pricing as yet.


Lithuanian-arms-6 Lithuanian-arms-3 Lithuanian-arms-4 Lithuanian-arms-2 Lithuanian-arms-5
1920 'Vytis'
a symbol used for centuries.
Lithuanian SSR.
1990-2 provisional
design by Juozas Zikaras 1925
1992 onwards Pillars of Gediminids ancient
symbols of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

A similar early 'Vytis' (Renaissance-style saddle blanket) was also used in Belarus 1991-5, known as the Pahonia.


Seals-pg-41a Seals-pg-41ab Seals-pg-41aa
#1 1926-9, 22.5mm (x 46mm) #2 1932, 22mm #3 22.5mm


RH # Type. was Description Mint Used On telegram
RH1 1 - 1926-9 Perf. 11.3 Black on white. Early Vytis with imprint and Form No. - - -
RH2 2 2 1932 Perf. 14. Black on white. Early Vytis. - - -
RH3 3 1 1990? Perf. 14 Black on white. 1925 Vytis & 'Pillars of Gediminids'. - - -






Again only two designs of seal are known and these have not been seen on telegrams, so dates of use are not known.

Updates. The above was written by Steve Hiscocks.
I have updated the images and corrected the sequence. No pricing yet.


Seals-pg-41bb H1a Seals-pg-41ba
#1 (H1) 1944-5, 14.5mm #1 (H1a) 14.5mm #2 1955-61, 18mm


RH # Type. was Description Mint Used On telegram
RH1 1 2 1944-5. Perf. 11½. Blue on white. - - -
RH1a 1 -         Perf. 10¾ x 11. Blue on white. - - -
RH2 2 1 1955-61. Perf. 10. Blue on white. - - -

I have 6 examples of H1, but only 1 of H1a.



Etiquette ?  Etiquette ?  Etiquette ?
These are probably etiquettes, I do not know if they were used as seals, or the dates of them. They all have embossing, strongest on the central one.
Left pair:   Diameter of outer black rim 31mm, black on orange(6-pointed stars) or red(5-pointed stars) surface-coated paper.
Right:  Width 27mm, orange-red on greenish paper.



If anyone can provide scans to help with this, I am happy to give appropriate credit.



Comments, criticisms, information or suggestions are always welcome.
Contact:   Emale
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Last updated 28th. August 2021

©Copyright Notice: This work was originally started by Steve Hiscocks and being continued by myself (Steve Panting).
For simplicity, my additions are under the same conditions as the original work by Steve Hiscocks.


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