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Telegraph stamps of the World

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For punch-cancelled telegraph stamps, Telegraph stationery and much more see OzRevenues.com. However here is a small selection.



Only this example is currently known from a black and white image. Date unknown, colour unknown.

H1   courtesy of ozrevenues.com


Hisc. Desc. Mint Used
H1 3d Colour ? - -



South Australia

Only two examples are currently known from black and white images. Printed on card circa 1904, perf 5½.

South Australia phone-ticket
H1   courtesy of ozrevenues.com


Hisc. Desc. Mint Used
H1 4d brown. Black overprint. - -




Circa 1902, only this example is currently known.
Printed on card in vertical strips Perf.11 between.

H1   courtesy of ozrevenues.com


Hisc. Desc. Mint Used
H1 1d Blue and black - -


I would really like to hear from anyone with these or other examples of Australian Telephone stamps.


I was intrigued by these South Australian overprints:

Australia S.T.   Australia S.T.
According to Wiki these were used to identify stamps for use by the Superintendent of Telegraphs from 1 April 1868 until 1874,
when they were replaced by the letters "O.S." for general official use.

Les Bottomley says that they were for use in the field on telegraphic work.
He also says there were three values between 1858/61 (1d, 2d and 1/-) followed by 6d in 1865, then 4d and 2/- in 1867.
Some overprints are in red, and some have 'S.T' rather than 'S.T.'. The following two are courtesy of him:
Australia 6d S.T.

This has a Telegraph Office cancel and appears to be on Telegraph Stationery.

Burnie Telegraph Office
It was used in Burnie, Tasmania on 10 December 1953.

Still on Tasmania, here is front and back of a transmission form dated the last day of 1874.
Form-1 front   Form-1 front
Rates for 10 words are 1/- within Tasmania, 6/- for Victoria, 7/- for S.Australia or N.S.W and 8/- for Queensland.

This is an undated reception form with an imprint of December 1874.
Form-1 front
The back is blank.



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