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Telegraph stamps of the World

I started with just British Private Telegraph stamps, but I have decided to
attempt to update more of Hiscocks' book.

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  These are still Hiscock's original 1982 prices in GB£  
I plan to update them some time in the future.


Telegraph Stamps of Scandinavia.


Steve Hiscocks wrote:
Following the publication of his World Telegraph Stamp Catalogue in 1900 Walter Morley was taken to task for having excluded 'those of Denmark'.
He defended himself in his 'Philatelic Journal' with the argument that the early local post/telegraph/telephone stamps issued in various Danish towns
were mainly intended for postage and did not qualify as telegraph stamps being equivalent to the 'Correos y Telegrafos' of Spain. Examination of
Christensen and Ringströms' excellent book "The Private Local Posts of Denmark" (Trelleborg Phil. Soc., Trelleborg, Sweden, 1974) and advice
from experts in the UK, Denmark and Sweden all support this view and I do not therefore list these stamps. Collectors wishing to cast their nets wider
will find the information they used in the above book which lists the Kjøbenhavns By- og Hus telegraf, Kjøbenhavns telefon Kiosker, Aarhus
Telefon-og Bypost, Horsens Telefon- og Bypost, and Randers Bypost og Pakke-Expedition stamps in great detail. In one case in 1888 a Randers
Bypost stamp was overprinted "Telefon Mrk" (i.e. Telephone Stamp) and although little is known of its status, it was presumably intended for specific
telephone use and is therefore described below.

One other class of stamps should be mentioned because they look as though they should be telegraph stamps. These are the railway stamps the
design of which includes the winged wheel and radiating thunder bolts so often used for railway and telegraph stamps respectively in the late
nineteenth century. I have seen types worded 'SKAGENSBANEN' and 'HORSENS TØRRING JERNBANE', both of the same design, but no doubt
there were others. I am assured by experts that, in spite of their typical 'railway telegraph' design they were not used for this purpose and are probably
package stamps.


Telephone Stamp.
Randers Bypost og Pakke Expedition

1888 Provisional. Local postage stamps of September 1887 overprinted in black.
Lithographed on white wove paper. No watermark. Perf 12.

Den-H1 Den-H2
Type 1 as Hiscocks book page 89

Hisc. Type was Description Mint Used
H1 1 - 4 Strømmen(minutes) on 8 Øre yellow 2.00 2.00
H2 1 H1 'Telefon Mrk on 10 Øre violet 2.00 2.00
H2a 1 H1a         imperf. 5.00 5.00
H2b 1 H1b         in pair with missing overprint - 25.00



Copenhagen had a network of telephone kiosks which was fairly diversified in operation.
They sold tickets for the theatre, provided a phone service and also used the phone as a medium to send telegrams.
The telegrams had seals, some of which were overprinted for use as stamps.

The stamps issued by them were likely to have been used to pay for various services.

Here are some examples:

5 blue 20 on 25 yellow

Hisc. Description Mint Used
K1 5 Øre blue - -
K2 10 Øre red - -
K3 25 Øre yellow-orange - -
K4 1910? 20 on 10 Øre red - -
K5 1910? 20 on 25 Øre yellow-orange - -



25 blue 35 on 25 dark blue

Hisc. Description Mint Used
K6 25 Øre light blue - -
K7 25 Øre dark blue - -
K8 1944? 35 on 25 Øre dark blue - -
K9 1945? 35 Øre blue - -
K10 1950? 50 Øre red - -

* John Barefoot illustrates and provides information on a lot more of these. in addition to a Norwegian item.
I would welcome more images to help catch up.



Hiscocks book only covers stamps that were intended only for telegraphic or telephone usage.
I have not confined myself so narrowly for the British stamps. I do not intend to for other stamps either, but my information is limited.

Post and Telegraph
Hiscocks says that these were 'mainly intended for postage', though available for telegraphic use.
I have seen the 10 Øre in orange on a pale blue-green background also.

Post and Telephone ?
I have seen these with numbers 1(yellow), 2(green), 3(blue), 5(violet) and 10(red).
I will add others as I get examples.

more (different) examples
The numbers on these are different to those above.

used examples
Here are a couple of used examples. The one on the left was cancelled with an obliterator having a cloth over it indicating high usage.
The design is different from the ones above, lacking an inner ellipse around the center.

Telephone ?
Apparently a lot of these were called telephone stamps to get around the government monopoly on postal services.
They could be used to pay for both, but were generally used for local mail delivery.




Telegraph Seals.

A range of different seals were used on telegrams in Denmark.

This half sized image shows a sample of them.
Denmark Seals

Steve Hiscocks made a start on cataloguing seals of the world in a book he published in 2007.
It was his hope to update it later, but unfortunately that was not to be.
His original book can be viewed at Telegraph Seals: A World Catalogue. There are links from the pages to my updates.

Alternatively you can view the latest page for Denmark.


Sweden and Norway.

So far I have only seen seals, though John Barefoot lists a curious item for Norway.

Sweden courtesy of Victor Gugliano (victorgg) on ebay.

Norway Statstelegraf seal
Norway Statstelegraf seal.

Norway Rigstelegraf seal   Norway-seal
Norway Rigstelegraf seal and the last is listed by Hiscocks as from Sweden, courtesy of Robert Poposki.


Updates for Seals of Sweden. Updates for Seals of Norway. Updates for Seals of Iceland. Updates for Seals of Finland.


If anyone can provide scans to help with this, I am happy to give appropriate credit.


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