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Telegraph stamps of the World

I started with just British Private Telegraph stamps, but I have now added
the rest of Hiscocks' book, including telephone stamps.

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Foreword Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Eastern Telegraph Co. Stamp Printing Methods Scanners


This divides the world into manageable major sub-divisions.
most are further sub-divided.

Hiscocks' policy was to exclude stamps that were used for postal as well as telegraphic use.
For G.B. stamps I included this category and will start adding them for other countries.

There is a book 'TELEGRAPH and TELEPHONE Stamps of the World, a Priced and Annotated Catalogue' by S.E.R Hiscocks (1982)
that I have used for information and catalogue designations, copies are in short supply.
If you want it, try the link above and if none are available at a reasonable price, try the link
"Tell the Publisher! I’d like to read this book on Kindle"
if enough people do it might be made available electronically.

There is in addition another book by Hiscocks.
In his 1982 book, on page 365, Hiscocks showed examples of Telegraph Seals and expressed the wish to create a catalogue of them.
In 2007, Hiscocks self-published (in Woking) just such a catalogue ISBN 0950830135 (0-9508301-3-5).
Copies of this book appear to be in very short supply. However you can see it here: Telegraph Seals: A World Catalogue.

Updates to it are in progress.

Please note that the prices given in the Hiscocks tables was initially 1982 prices in GB Pounds Sterling.
I have been steadily bringing them up to day at enabling other currencies.

The Hiscocks 1982 book is long out-of-print and copies are hard to get at reasonable prices.

John Barefoot has produced "TELEGRAPH STAMPS of the WORLD", an update to Hiscock's book. Price: £30.00 + postage.
He says:
"In the catalogue, virtually all items are illustrated in full colour, some sections much expanded since Hiscocks,
with up-to-date pricing for mint and for used. 140 pages. ISBN 0-906845-70-X. "

The first edition now appears to be out of print, but John is working on a second edition, perhaps for 2019.
I will provide details when I have them.

I have now obtained a copy and here are some points about it:

  Note 1. This is not an update of Hiscocks book, it is intended as a simplified up to date replacement for Hiscocks book.
Note 2. A few typos., as with most first editions. The pictures are full size colour. The updated prices are very helpful.
Note 3. Being simplified, there is a lot left out. However it does include a lot that Hiscocks did not and with a bit wider lattitude.
Note 4. Arrived very quickly, mine came from city-collectables which saved me money on postage being outside the UK.
Note 5. Considering the mammoth undertaking, very good value for money. It is hard to get a copy of Hiscocks book for this price and with
                colour illustrations and updated prices, it can quickly pay for itself if you are seriously interested in acquiring a Telegraph collection.

Alternatively there is the Stanley Gibbons "2013 COMMONWEALTH & BRITISH EMPIRE STAMP CATALOGUE", now £56 + postage.
which includes postage stamps and now Government Telegraph stamps.
More recently www.123pricecheck.com has been brought to my attention, which is well worth searching.


Books however have many shortcomings:

1Books are expensive, especially if they have limited appeal.
Shipping them can also expensive.
2Books have illustrations in Halftone so you cannot see details.
3Books have most illustrations in glorious monochrome.
4Books are frozen in time, they do not update.
5Books cannot use online translation or currency conversion.

I would like to dynamically update information, using the power of the internet.
The world is a big place and you may come across items that I have not listed.
If you do, I would ask that you let me know about it/them, so that they may be added to the list.

For those interested in the broader History of Telegraphy, see The Telegrapher Web Page

There is now a wide range of screen sizes available for computers. Most images on this site are 300dpi.
I wanted to show a reasonable degree of detail, but if the images are an unsuitable size for your screen, be aware that it is adjustable.

In most browsers now you can press Control-Plus to magnify your screen and Control-Minus to make it smaller.


Current status of this section:
British Fairly complete. Price updates done.
Canadian Many images still need replacing, including telephone stamps.
Price updates done.
French Fairly complete. Price updates done.
German Fairly complete. Price updates done.
Spanish Spain itself fairly complete. Price updates done, but images still needed for
some countries, particularly Dominican Rep. and Puerto Rico.  
Portuguese Some images to replace, mostly for the Colonies. Price updates done.
Netherlands Fairly complete. Prices updated.
U.S.A. Telegraph stamps fairly complete. Telephone stamps need a Checklist.  
the rest Fairly complete. Price updates done, even for Scandinavia.

Telephone stamps are included.

There is a useful resource at Wikimedia Commons


Latest changes.

3rd. July Peru - First RH number - RH3A to avoid re-numbering.
June Nicaragua - Further updates to 1937/1938 and Semana stamps re-numbered. 1904 - RH100 and RH101 switched around.
May U.S.A. - Significant updates to Western Union, particularly Business Franks and Charge Cards. Long Service Franks added.
April Miscellaneous - Images added and updates to Turkey.
March Scandinavia - Finally got to grips with Denmark, thanks to John Barefoot allowing use of his images. Thanks John.
February Nicaragua - Significant updates and images to many areas, with a lot of help from Clayton Rubec. Thanks Clayton.
Sept→OctoberIndia - Significant updates and images to many areas, particularly CanD and Police Dept.
→ September USA - Many small updates, of mostly Postal and WU.
AugustLuxembourg - Extensive updates regarding perforations and cancels.
AprilPanama - Extensive updates with extensive help from Federico Brid. Many new images, particularly of varieties.
February 5thScandinavia - Added Stationery.
February 2ndArgentina - Additions made to the Stationery section.
January 24th Eastern Telegraph Co. - Updates with more images of Eastern Extension stationery.
January 23 Nicaragua significant updates again, of the Railway Ticket stamp sections, including Bluefields.
July 2ndJapan - Prices updated and Checklist added.
June 2ndRussia - Significant updates of varieties, images and information.
May 16thHonduras - Significant updates, images and information.
2019→Feb. USA - There have been many small updates, some quite significant. e.g. ADT, Rapid, B&O, CommU, NMut, PacP, Postal, WU.
February 28thNepal - Further information added, particularly later usage. A couple of forms shown.
February 16thPortugal - Rearranged to better cover Correios e telégrafos stamps.
February 14thSpanish Guinea - Page added. It includes Fernando Poo.
May 15thHonduras - More images and information added.
May 14th Albania - 2 new Images added, with different imprints. Listing updated.
May 9th France - Quite a few Images added, including Telegraph 'Coupons' and Stationery.
April 23rd Bulgaria - Images added, including Telephone tickets.
April 23rd New South Wales - Images of stationery added. RH9 was also added recently.
April 22ndNatal - Quite a few new images added.
April 11 Ceylon - Information added on postmarks and 'CEYLON' overprint forgeries. More 1882-94 images added. Shortcut bar added.
April 9 Belgium - New images added for the first pair.
March 13 Ecuador 'Tax Stamps' section added to cover types that may have been required for telegrams. 'Form' list expanded for other types.
March 12 Cuba 'Other' section added to cover telegraphic usage of postage stamps.
Sept. 4th I have added the page Miscellaneous. to the rest. It is for countries having telegraphic items but not specifically telegraph stamps.
July 22nd This page - I have added a search box at the top of the page. This is a free tool from FreeFind. It may add adverts. Comments invited.
July 18th Iran - Extensive additions and new images..
July 16th Dominican Rep. - Very extensive updates over the past week. Very much a re-write. New series, and many new images.
Feb. 3rd U.S.A. - I have updated the prices for the Telephone stamps. A checklist is still needed for it though.
Jan. 31stEcuador - Addition of a section on pre-paid Telegram forms.
Oct. 14thEcuador - Yet more additions, some important, and re-numbered yet again.
Sept. 3rdCheckList Setup - The checklist project is maturing, feedback appreciated.
Aug. 18thBulgaria - Important images and information added about PCP issues (1901-1917).
Aug. 2ndGerman - Important images added and information on telegraphic use of later postage stamps.
July 31stParaguay - Important images added.
July 30thEl Salvador - Important images added.
July 26thVenezuela - Important images added.
July 1stSpanish - An unpriced section added to cover the 'Comunicaciones' snd 'Correos y Telegrafos' stamps.
June 28thGuatemala - Quite a lot of information added/corrected, plus a few new images.
June 26thBurma - New information and images added.
July 22ndCeylon - Improvements to the section on overprints, and new images added. The table now gives an image.
July 17thOther Australia - Page added with a couple of Australian Telephone stamps - Thanks Dave.
June 30thUruguay - Important updates - images and watermark information.
June 16thColombia - I have updated the prices, added currency selection and re-sequenced them.
Feb. 16thPhilippines - Additional images added, a couple of colour desciptions changed.
Feb. 4thMexico - Newly added due to Telegram cards.
Feb. 1stPuerto Rico - Additional images added.
Jan. 18thCuba - Later section improved and a few images added.
Oct. 8thItaly - A new image added.
July 21stPortuguese - Many new images added.
Jun 15thBolivia - Extensive telegraph seal information added.
May 29thBrazil - Major update, new images added.
May 18thCanadian - Telephone stamps added.


If you have any new information, or would like to correct errors,
please contact me with any relevant supporting scans (300dpi+).


Further information is always invited and welcome.

The use of the telegraphs was initially in North America and European countries which additionally
introduced them into their "sphere of influence" worldwide.

Not trying to make any political points here, I have done this on the basis of language, just trying to make things more manageable.



Comments, criticisms, information or suggestions are always welcome.

Contact:     Emale

Please include the word 'Telegraphs' in the subject.


Last updated 3rd. July 2022

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Permission is hereby granted to copy material for which the copyright is owned by myself, on condition that any data is not altered and this website is given credit.



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